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Miles McMillan for Scotch & Soda SS14 Pt. 1 (x)

Emma Stone in Vogue’s Original Short "A Way In" Feat. Ruben Fleischer [x]

make me choose meme: peter/gwen or scott/allison

Everyone has a part of themselves they hide, even from the people they love most. And you dont have forever, none of us ever do.


Is it bad that this post makes me aroused?

I read a lot. I love books. If they came in a bottle, I’d be a drunk too.
  Alyxandra Harvey, Bleeding Hearts (via littledallilasbookshelf)t (via booksarehereforyou)
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"I’m trying to write a piece of music that’s about what it feels like to be on the beach with you right now."

I have even more respect and admiration for her, and I feel for her, because her job is a lot harder,” he admitted. “It’s constant. For me, shooting 21 days, that’s the movie. This is 22 or 24 episodes, she’s writing and producing and starring, she’s casting, she’s editing, she’s dealing with me. I can be hard to deal with as an actor. I think it’s made me see the big picture for the better.

“You look around and you see all the different departments and you see the production design and costumes and sound and hair and the writers, and you go, it takes an army to get this made. The actors and the directors get a lot of the credit, they’re the front of the movie, and it’s great that they do, but there are so many people that make a movie

Chris Messina talking about Mindy Kaling’s many hats and what he learned from directing (x)

Miles McMillan for EDUN's Birds of Prey Campaign F/W 2012 filmed by Ryan McGinley.


↳ “Unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling.  Soaring, tumbling, free-wheeling through an endless diamond sky.  A whole new world!  A hundred thousand things to see.  I’m like a shooting star!  I’ve come so far.  I can’t go back to where I used to be.”   

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"Angel on Fire" | Antony and the Johnsons